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I want this like whoa

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So, I think N & I had our first conversation the other day. It went something like this:

Me: You may not eat rocks.
Me: You can't eat rocks. They aren't food.
N: a-wight
Me: *takes rock for her hand*
N: tanks

Frequently during the day I turn on HGTV for a little background noise. I'm really sick of hearing how green you can be by purchasing HE washers & driers. Here's a thought. Buy nothing, wash your clothes less. I'm so sure that shirt you wore 1/3 of the day just isn't that dirty. Hang it up, let it air out and wear it again in a day or two. Still saving water, but now you've saved your local landfill from another perfectly fine washer. Now, take that $1400 you just saved help someone, some where out. Or at least off set your carbon. Oy.
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My sister is here visiting and we've been sewing a lot. When we take some pics we'll post them. Mostly fattycakes diapers, but they are cuuute.

We've had a good time with the girls. It's funny to watch them interact. The whole first day they just followed each other around, like they didn't know what to think. They are so different it is astounding. When N falls she just gets up. When M falls she gets so sad and S has to encourage her to "try again". It's so funny. We took them to the park yesterday and M inspected all the little gadgets and toys they have. N just ran around like a mad woman.

I'm going to the mommy bad place for this, but I'm going to post both videos. They're just too cute not to. Forgive the obnoxious mom noises.

On Friday night we took them to the mall cause they just needed some space. One in the stroller, one in the Ergo, pretzels in hand we walked around. At the bookstore we let them have free reign looking at the baby books while S & I looked at the baby/pregnancy books. There were three or four copies of Babywise which we quickly hid. No one should be buying that shit. Then we took some liberties with the shelving arrangements choosing to showcase "The Happiest Baby on the Block" rather than several copies of "What to Expect." Shoving AP on people one bookstore at a time. But it was fun. And the girls had a good time "reading" to each other.

We might go to IKEA tomorrow and I'm excited. I love IKEA!

Gratuitous N
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Today at our meeting Nora weighed 19#9 ounces. Last Tuesday she weighed 18#14.

Yeah, that's 11 ounces in a week.

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Nora has a new trick.

For a while around she's been following us around saying "what, what, what". It wasn't until she stood up in bed this morning shouting "WHAT!" and... taking her diaper off. Ohhhhh. Wet. Got it.


Where did you learn to say wet? Even more, how do you know what it means? She astounds me sometimes.

But now I'm wondering that to do next. If I keep changing her every time she says wet then I'm going to be washing diapers everyday. Since I didn't teach her to say wet I don't know how to teach her to tell me before she's wet. I am now super glad we're planning on going to IKEA next week to buy a potty chair or two.

I'll be back with pictures this afternoon.
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Yesterday we were strolling down the aisles of Hell  Walmart looking for bubbles for N's Easter basket (we had a gift card, FYI). On our quest we turned down the baby doll aisle. N was instantly in heaven. The whole trip down the aisle she whispered "baybee, baybee, baybee" almost like she was in a little trance.

And a few days ago we were playing rolling around in bed being silly when I took her teddy. "Mine" I announced, "My teddy."  Her eyes narrowed, her brows clenched as she growled "WHAT?" Where does she learn these things from?
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I'm totally getting sucked into American Idol. And I'm completely infatuated with Jason Castro. It's kind of that really good kind of bad place. He makes me want dreads even more!

I'm heading down to Indy tomorrow for a play date with another gentle mama. I'm really stoked, I love this family, they're great. A big bunch of silly girls. Plus its incredible to get out of the house to talk to another real life adult, not to mention a like minded one. Woohoo.

And lastly, I went today to buy N a new toothbrush after something terrible happened to hers. I'm still not sure what happened, but terrible it was. Anyway, every single tooth brush at KMart had some sort of cartoon character on it. No thank you. I'll find something at the health food store. I think they have recyclable ones...
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So my SD card for the camera was missing this morning. Apparently late last night I left it in the card reader bay, which I never do cause it's on baby level. We scoured all over, hoping she hadn't eaten it. She didn't. We found right where it should be, or should be according to baby - inside the front panel of the computer. She was just trying to put it back, she just has bad aim. ;)
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